Compressed Air and Water 10 bar for Mining

Working pressure – 10 bar (1,0 MPa)
Burst Pressure – 40 bar (4,0 MPa)
Class A, B or C – none, nominal or high resistance to oils
Category N-T or L-T – normal or extended operating temperature range
Flame retardant – afterflame and afterglow max. 5 seconds
Antistatic resistance  <2×106 Ω
Safety factor 4:1 according to EN ISO 1403

Please contact our sales office for hoses with different working pressures.

These flame retardant and antistatic hoses for compressed air with the approval for use with water meet the requirements of mining industry for use in machinery and equipment working in difficult underground conditions. These hoses are characterized by high safety factor 4:1.

These hoses are designed for use in areas with methane or coal dust explosion hazard.

They are resistant to weathering, ozone and heat.

The properties of these hoses are confirmed by independent laboratory that:
– certified the hoses for compliance with European standards EN ISO 2398,
– issued the right to use the Polish Safety Mark B that confirms the use of hoses in coal mines in methane and non-methane fields with A-, B- and C- level methane explosion hazard and A- and B- level coal dust explosion hazard.

On request, we provide additional spiral steel wrap for protection against excessive abrasion and deformation, such as kinking or crushing. This option applies to hoses with nominal diameters larger than DN 12.

Operating temperature
From -30°C to +100°C for category N-T
From -40°C to +100°C for category L-T

According to EN ISO 2398.
The rubber compounds, from which the hoses are produced, have parameters that meet the requirements of the American MSHA standard.

Inner tube
Antistatic black synthetic rubber.

Interlayers made of textile cord or synthetic threads depending on the inner diameter.

Flame retardant, antistatic black synthetic rubber resistant to abrasion, weathering and ozone.

These hoses are marked with a convex inscription containing the “TA” sign referring to “flame retardant and antistatic” and reference to the standards EN ISO 2398. Smaller diameters may be marked with white print.

  1. Compressed Air and Water 10 bar for Mining