FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You can place the order by contacting Export Managers or Export Department. You can find contact details in CONTACT on our website.

Lead time will be individually confirmed depending on the order specification and quantity.

The goods can be collected directly from Stomil Bydgoszcz or delivered at agreed destination.

In case of receiving the damaged goods you should contact Export Department immediately and send photos. The remarks about damage including quantity must be stated in the CMR (delivery note).

Commercial invoice is issued once the order has been realized. Invoicing details should be given by the customer while placing the order. Invoice can be sent electronically to the customer`s email,  by mail  or along with the transport of the goods.

Please contact the export department by giving the information and invoice number that needs to be corrected. After receiving the above information, we`ll send the correcting invoice the soonest possible.

According to warranty, goods can be claimed within 12 months from receiving the order.

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