Plant Protection Agents 20 bar

Working pressure – 20 bar (2 MPa)
Test pressure – 40 bar (4 MPa)

This hose is designed for high pressure spraying activities with the most common crop protection agents including:
2% emulsions of synthetic pyrethroids (i.e. deltamethrin)
2% emulsions of chlorpyrifos.

It is also eagerly used for liquid fertilizers and other light chemicals used in agriculture.

Operating temperature
From -30°C to +80°C

According to PN-78/C-94250/49.

Inner tube
High quality black SBR synthetic rubber resistant to many light chemicals used in agriculture.

Interlayers made of textile cord or synthetic high tensile threads.

Abrasion, weather and ozone resistant black synthetic rubber.

Hoses up to DN 12,5 in diameter have smooth surface. Larger diameters have cloth impression.

Method of marking
Diameters with smooth surface are marked with white print. Larger diameters with cloth impression are marked with red description over a red continuous stripe.

  1. Plant Protection Agents 20 bar