Fuel and Oil 20 bar

Working pressure – 20 bar (2,0 MPa)
Burst pressure – 60 bar (66,0 MPa)

This antistatic delivery hose is designed to be used for fuels (including petrol), oil such as diesel oil, hydraulic oil, machining oil and emulsions, among others.
This hose is resistant to weathering and ozone.

On request, we provide additional spiral steel wrap for protection against excessive abrasion and deformation, such as kinking or crushing. This option applies to hoses with nominal diameters larger than DN 12,5.

Operating temperature
From -30°C to +100°C for oil
From -30°C to +45°C for fuels

According to Stomil’s design WT-33/BZPG.
Additionally it meets the requirements of EN 1360 in terms of chemical resistance.

Inner tube
High quality antistatic NBR black synthetic rubber resistant to oil and fuels containing up to 15% of oxygen compounds, as well as biodiesel (a mixture of 80% fuel oil and 20% of bio-components – fatty acid esters).

Interlayers made of high tensile textile cord or synthetic threads.

Black synthetic rubber resistant to fuels, oil, weather and ozone.
Hoses up to DN 12,5 in diameter have smooth surface. Larger diameters have cloth impression.

Method of marking
Diameters with smooth surface are marked with white print. Larger diameters with cloth impression are marked with an orange tape.

  1. Fuel and Oil 20 bar